At LighthouseGPT, you have the opportunity to earn money by trying new products, voicing your opinion by completing surveys and you can save money by getting a discount for shopping at your favorite stores.  Registration is always free and there is no charge to use the site.

LighthouseGPT offers:

$2.00 Sign Up Bonus
Three referral levels - 15%, 7%, 5%, 
Upgraded Members - 17%, 18%, 19%, 20% - First Level
NEW!! Lower Minimum cashout $10.00 
Upgraded Members Minimum $5.00
Paid to Click
Referral Bonus
Activity Bonus

Earn Beacon Points to cash in for Rewards
Pay to Click Advertising Available.  
Banner Advertising available
Paid to sign up advertising available

Once you have $10.00 in your account, you may cashout.
Payment is net 35.

About PocketChange

Below are links to the sites that I use to make extra cash in my spare time. They are listed in the order  that I like the most, down to the one I use less often. Each banner has a short description of which each site offers. Check out a couple or Check out ALL of them ! ALL SITES ARE 100% FREE  !

Getting Around:

Strictly Surveys:

This page lists legitimate sites for companies that pay you for your opinions.


On this page you will learn tips and tricks on how to get your offers to credit faster, ways to promote your banners to increase referrals and your earnings!

This is simply a short list of prizes offered by sites in exchange for your "points" (Spurs, Tiki Men, Casino Chips, etc.) earnings.

Is just as it sounds. I've placed some games for you to play during you visit here at PocketChange. New games added periodically. (Open for suggestions! see page for details)

This page list all the known online GPT/Survey scams.

Heads Up
Lets you know about important, new Spyware and Viruses on the web.

A Little About Me

As a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) of a EXTREMELY energetic 4 year old Boy, Running a GPT and two PTC sites, I don't have much time to myself, as you can imagine. However with the little time that I DO have, I use these sites to make a little extra cash. Now, you won't get rich on these sites, but you can make quite a good chunk of change ! If you're a SAHM like me, you know what I mean when I say, EVERY little bit helps.

Arrgh, Welcome aboard thee ship Matey's. Here Ye be plunderin' offers fer Booty and Doubloons! Ye be earnin' 20% of what Yer crew be plunderin' as well. Thar be 4 ways to upgrade yer status aboard thee ship; Scalliwag, Pirate, Buccaneer and Privateer. Ye must Plunder $10 in Booty before ye receive yer wages. Yer wages be available to ya in 4 ways; Paper Booty, PayPal, Amazon er Walmart. Don't ferget to check yer ship log fer messages from tha Capin'. Oh, and here be $5 fer commin' aboard.

Play up to 5, three(3) question surveys every 3 hours !!! Minimum cash-out is only $2 !! Whatever your referrals win, you win too !!!!!!! $250 drawing EVERY WEEK !!!!


In the earn section, you will find several ways to make money. Get paid to try out new things, to take surveys, simply submit your e mail address, to chat, and much more! There are always TONS of contests and promos as well....be sure and check out our forum while you're here to see what you can win! Like to play games? We have month long bingo, as well as weekly LIVE bingo, break the bank, trivia, hangman, treasure rooms and more! Plus, 20 active members a week get random cash added to their account.

Cupid Cash

Get Paid to read your eMail ! It only takes a second, all you you have to do is click the "confirm this email" link and you and I both get paid for it ! You can also get paid for taking surveys, playing games, shopping and more !
Company has been around since 2000 !!!!!

RUReady4Money is run by a Great Admin ! VERY Active !!
20% Level 1 Referral Earnings, 5% Earnings on Referral Purchases !!!
LOW $5 Cashout minimum - Weekly Payments !!!!!

100% Referral Earnings !!!!!!

Min. payout ONLY $1!

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