Tips for Success

How to Complete Offers

Only use Internet Explorer or Firefox. Please DO NOT use Netscape or AOL as it will appear that you are using multiple accounts.   Be sure ALL pop-up blockers are turned off.          

-Firefox: TOOLS+OPTIONS+CONTENT TAB. Be sure pop-up blocker box is unchecked.
-Internet Explorer: TOOLS+INTERNET OPTIONS+PRIVACY TAB. Be sure pop-up blocker box is unchecked.
  Set your browser to ACCEPT ALL COOKIES          

-Firefox: TOOLS+OPTIONS+PRIVACY. Be sure "accept all cookies" box is checked.
          -Internet Explorer: TOOLS+INTERNET OPTIONS+PRIVACY TAB. Be sure the settings scroll bar is all the way down and says "accept all cookies"  

You will need to CLEAR YOUR COOKIES before you complete EACH and EVERY offer. You can do so manually or you can download a very helpful tool that will save you time and effort.



-Never cancel trial offers immediately after signing up.  You should only complete offers you are interested in. (I write down every trial I sign-up for, how to cancel and the date the trial ends. Then I cancel at LEAST 2 days before the free trial is up)
-Be patient if offers do not approve immediately.  If freebies do not approve, delete them and you may try them again, but be aware that it can take up to a month for some offers to approve.
-Never complete an offer on one site that you have completed before, even if it was on another site.

GPT site Surveys: Most surveys require completion all the way
through, usually until you get to a page that says
"Thank you" or "Congratulations" or something similar.

Sign-up Offers: Please be sure that you only complete
offers that you are actually interested in. From time to time
offers will not approve, which means you will not receive
credit for having completed an offer.

Please understand, this is out of the site's hands!

One field/One page Submits : Even though it says ONE field/page submit it would be in your favor to do a page or two extra.


Be sure to VERIFY your email address ! I've had many referrals that don't count as referrals simply because they never verified their email. It's very easy to verify your email, all you have to do is click on the link in the email and then, in most cases, click "confirm" and you're done !

 If an offer does not approve for you, you did not necessarily do something wrong.  Do not be discouraged.  Free offers can always be repeated if they do not approve.

Here is a small list of some of the more popular offer families and some tips for each:     Winning Surveys, What She Has to Say, Surveys For Fun, Consumer Expressions, BigBuck Surveys, ClipNGo Coupons

Must use a different email for each and every one. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to click.

MID (MyInsiderDeals), A#7 (AisleNo7), HFTM (HuntForTheMoney), R4L (Recipe4Living), SOU (SurveysOnUs), GTL (GetTheLookOnUs), Popular Living
Helps to click on an offer or two inside the offer to qualify. Must use a different email for each and click on the confirmation email you receive. You can only complete one per 24 hours (If you complete more they won't credit). If you receive a redemption certificate in your email print it out and mail it in, you really will receive the item listed!
            IRC, FBG, AFR

You must use a different email address for each and every one. These are email submits, simply complete the first page and then let the window idle for about 30 seconds before closing. These are all on auto credit - If they haven't approved in 24 hours you can delete them from your pending and try again.
      And as always, CLEAR COOKIES between each offer and don't complete it if you've done it elsewhere!

* I made multiple email addresses at Google (Gmail), this helps to make offers credit a little bit faster.

** I did NOT create the above FREE eBook. Credit goes to the author; Terri Alexander, as seen on the banner. I simply made the banner to make the link more appealing to the eye. Thanks **

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